26 Ağustos 2018

Multiple Device Combination on The Same Test Case on Mobile Automation

The need of Mobile Automation use and routine control of applications have emerged as a considerable request. In this context, some applications do not limit their test case with one device but conducting it via multiple devices based on the same scenario.

To illustrate this phenomenon, I present a test case below, which is based on the messaging app that depicts the achievement of control via double, triple, and quaternary Android devices, while running on the same test case scenario.

These device sets are not only limited to the same software. The first device can be based on Android, and in contrast to this, the second device can be an IOS device. Additionally, the same process can be conducted among the IOS devices.

On the preparation of these tests, firstly, all of the device sets should be initiated. This step may not be completed on Appium. On Silk Mobile, after initializing the device sets by using SetEnvironmentVariable feature, the application is ready to run.


Initially, the scenario on the first device starts to run. After the device completes its course, by using Select Device option, the second device initiates to run its scenario. As a result, the conduction of test case scenarios is achieved via utilizing the multiple device sets. By conducting the test case scenarios on multiple device sets also helps with decreasing the maintenance costs.

Burak AVCI & Serkan Çinal