7 Ekim 2009

Techno Crime (Essay)

Techno Crime (Essay)

Nowadays, crime rate is increasing. There are lots of murderers, robbers, smugglers occured. Moreover, the world become a place where people can’t live because of crimes. Governments try to find why people become criminals. There is one answer technology ruin encourage them to commit crime. My opinion is that advantages of technology increased crime rates due to three reasons.

Firstly, computers which are technological machine, can give bad things such as kill or stab a person. For example, computer games which contain war or fight constitute bad things in children’s brain. As a result of this, children want to be a criminal. Furthermore, they take bad heros as one’s model. Consequently, I believe that children commit crime because of computer games.

Another reason is, hackers and frauds can still someone’s credit cards password or her/his internet code. In addition to this, robbing a bank become esaier for them. Anybody can not stop them because tehcnology enables us to all possibilities and open all doors to commit crime. İt not only increase crime rates but also death rates. For example, one hacker stills a person’s password and gets his/her all money. So the person decide to commit suicide. I figure that technology increase crime rates.

Finally, televisions which are technological machine too can increase crime rates. For example it broadcasts programmes which include violence and people watch them. Furthermore, violence make an impression in their brains. So, the people use violence in their life. In addition it causes people to commit crime. In my opinion, using violence is raising owing to TV.

In conclusion, technology teach people to commit crime like a teacher and if we can’t stop, it will become a professor. This means removing these reasons which are bad computer games, become
hackers and tv programmes including violence are in our hands.

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